5 Vacuum Pump Servicing Tips You Should Keep in Mind

Vacuum Pump

No matter how costly or advanced an electrical appliance is, it is most likely to turn bad someday. That rule is applicable for absolutely any kind of electrical home appliance, and the same is applicable to vacuum pump also. This is why one needs to take care of those machines and keep in mind some of the most efficient preventive measures.

Good quality and prompt servicing can solve many of these problems. If you keep on availing vacuum pump servicing from time to time, you will be able to save a lot of your money and headache.

Five Most Important Servicing Tips Which You Should Remember Always:

  1. Changing Oil in Your Pump from Time to Time

Oil is one of the fundamental aspects which keep a machine moving. If you keep on forgetting to change the oil in your vacuum pump from time to time, you might run the risk of damaging it. It is quite possible to forget to check the oil and that is why you should definitely maintain a proper schedule. Once you make a schedule, be sure to stick to the routine. The schedule will also depend on how much work the pump has to do, during the active hours. Some people change it every six or seven months and others at some different point in time. The best deal is to do it every four months.

  1. Keeping the Heat Emission in Check and Letting It Remain Cool

Just like any machine, heat can be considered as one of the most natural problems for a vacuum pump. Therefore, one of the most important vacuum pump servicing tips is definitely checking the temperature on a regular basis for keeping the pump cool always. Fresh air is the best thing to cool it off. If that is a problem, you can also use a fan for the purpose of cooling. The viscosity of the oil in the machine affects its ability to pull a proper vacuum negatively. Cooling prevents this kind of activity.

Vacuum Pump Maintenance

  1. Checking Out the Correct Parts

Just like our bodies, vacuum pumps or any machine cannot really be compatible with just any random part. If one has been using a vacuum pump for quite many years, the machine might need to be upgraded or certain parts to be replaced. Very often people do not search for the exact counterparts and end up getting random parts for the machine, which can be problematic. You need to know the model number of your vacuum pump and then search what the other compatible components are. It will take some time for sure, but later will save you a lot of money and energy. You won’t have to re-repair the upgraded version.

  1. Maintaining the Belts of The Vacuum Pumps

One of the most critical parts of the vacuum pump mechanism are the belts. If you tend to use extremely tight belts on your machine, it might create problems for the shaft. In most of the cases, shafts are the one to get damaged as they are made of lighter materials. Be sure to check out the right sized belt for your vacuum pump.

Vacuum Pump Servicing

  1. Replacing the Bearing and Seals of The Machine

Just like the belts, the bearings and seals of vacuum pumps are also very important. As a part of the vacuum pump servicing methods, you need to check for any damage to those parts from time to time. In case the new bearings do not get fitted to the shaft, you need to weld the shaft. You also need to install a newer sleeve on the end plate.

So, follow the methods of maintaining a vacuum pump mentioned above, and the machine will keep on working nicely.


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