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Taobao is an e-commerce store, wherein you can shop like any other store. But, if you go to buy directly from Taobao, you will be offered very limited products that too at unnecessarily higher rates. Talking about another drawback, it does not let the international buyers use credit cards while making purchases.

Additionally, the Taobao stores do not pay any kind of attention towards the problem of international shipping. Taobao stores do not entertain any type of International Shipping, thereby, making the transactions more expensive.

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Now, this is when the Taobao Agent comes into the role. They have direct contact with Taobao stores and you can buy from ANY of the stores, any desired product, and you can see the considerable difference in the prices of the same products as well. The Taobao agent helps you connect with other similar stores as well, thereby, offering a wide range of products.

Not just that, there are various other Benefits of Using Best Taobao Agent Malaysia such as:

  • All in one place:

On the customer demands, we offer them to combine their purchases from various websites into a single international shipment that takes place from China Warehouse. This helps the customers to reduce their redundant shipping charges, hence, the complete cost is affected as a result. This would not have been possible if you go for direct purchase from the store.

  • Packaging:

This service from the Taobao Agent beats up the real store. The Taobao Store does not give efficient services in packaging and storing of the products. This also helps to reduce the product price, for example, if you order several products directly from the Taobao Store, the websites you order from are located in distant places. Hence, this brings up the price of your product.

  • Discounts:

This attracts the major customer base. The Taobao agent gives away a huge discount off default retail international shipping rates. The rates often go as high as 50% or more. The Taobao agent is able to give away such huge discounts, as they possess the ability to ship higher volumes.

  • Customization and Negotiation:

We offer you personal staff who would be available 24/7 in case of any queries. They help you in translating languages. You can simply make them understand your requirements and you can follow their guidance.

You clearly get the Cheapest Taobao Agent in Malaysia, which is definitely worth taking. Even if you go for any other agent or the other courier services, they clearly will not be able to give away such huge discounts. You can enjoy the lower rates only if you make purchase through the Taobao agents. Once, you have ordered you will always remain in touch with the personnel at Taobao Agent. They will cater to your queries and requirements.  


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