Dubai Desert Safari: Explore the Happiness

Dubai Desert Safari

When we chose to begin our Big Trip the world over in Dubai, there were a couple of things that must be on our agenda. Other than the undeniable features (Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah and the Burj al Arab) I extremely needed to make a desert safari since I had never been to the desert.

Wide deserted scenes are somewhat my thing, so other than investigating the sparkle and allure of Dubai I extremely needed to escape the city and into the desert. Thus we did! We went on a desert safari with Happy Adventures and it was marvelous!

Desert Safari Dubai

To begin with up on the desert safari dubai schedule was hill bashing. I didn’t have any acquaintance with it until the point that I did it, however I adore ridge bashing?. It was such an excite to drive through the desert, floating over the tall sand ridges and feeling your stomach sway after a lofty drop over the highest point of a hill.

Our driver truly realized what he was doing and which is all well and good, this isn’t something you can do yourself without legitimate preparing!

Desert Dubai Lehbab desert safari

Anyway, after the adrenaline high of rise bashing we headed to the desert camp where it was the ideal opportunity for the following action: quad riding!

You won’t not presume it (sweet guiltless young lady that I am?) yet I can get extremely focused in dashing amusements. When I ran run trucking with my family and nearly drove my sister of the track in a frantic endeavor to complete first?.

Be that as it may, not having any desire to wreck the quad on my first attempt, I held my hustling change conscience under tight restraints. I totally comprehend quad riding through the desert is a most loved diversion for individuals living in Dubai!

There was all the more riding to be done after the quad, from the mechanical race-beast we changed to a tranquilly influencing camel and got somewhat of a vibe of desert life.

Camel riding in the Dubai desert

Having expressed gratitude toward the camel (well, for the most part his handler) we investigated the rest of the reproduced desert camp.

Desert camp Dubai desert safari

Bedouin or badawī in Arabic alludes to individuals who carry on a traveling ways of life outside urban communities and towns.

I don’t need a perpetual tattoo however I’m truly burrowing my henna one, it’s so lovely! The tattoo first turns orange however changes to a darkish brown sooner or later, it should keep going for roughly 2 weeks. My figure would you’ll say you’ll is still observe it for some time when the henna itself as gone however whatever remains of my (as of now Holland-winter-white) hand got somewhat of a tan?.

Henna tattoo desert camp Dubai desert safari

Behind the camp there were a couple of higher ridges and we introduced ourselves on the highest point of one to respect the nightfall over the extended desert. Sitting on a hill with Frank I understood again that I am so fortunate to have the capacity to venture to the far corners of the planet with my significant other. It’s a benefit without a doubt…

Dusk on Dubai desert safari

Dimness fell quickly after the nightfall and the temperature observably dropped. Not that it was chilly, but rather I was upbeat I brought a sweater (and a scarf not surprisingly, my #1 travel thing!).

We strolled back to the camp and sat down on a somewhat lifted stage with a table and seats dressed with delightful table materials. From our seat we had an amazing perspective of the stage.

Dubai desert safari camp

That was something worth being thankful for as there where a few social exhibitions: hip twirling, the customary tanoura move and a fire appear!

Customary Tanoura Move Desert Safari Dubai

While viewing these social exhibitions, heavenly nourishment was being served. Supper comprised of samosas, BBQ chicken, serving of mixed greens, hummus, new products of the soil top notch treats.

Nourishment at desert safari Dubai

At the point when the exhibitions were done and our tummies were full the time had come to take off. Yet, not before admiring the sky and appreciate the stars. I can just envision what the sky must resemble somewhat encourage into the desert where it’s pitch dark aside from the gleaming stars…

Altogether it was a superb day: it was my first time in the desert, the first occasion when I went hill bashing, the first occasion when I drove a quad and the first occasion when I rode on camel. A great beginning of our Big Trip around the world☺!

Some Practical Information

  • We were gotten from our lodging at 1.30pm and returned around 9.30pm.
  • Take a warm layer with you as it gets somewhat colder amid the night.
  • Water, sodas, espresso and tea are accessible for nothing at the camp. In case you’re eager there are a few snacks you can buy.
  • Prices of the distinctive desert safari bundles can be found here.


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