How to Become a Top Investment Banking Analyst?

Become a Top Investment Banking Analyst

The role of an investment banking analyst involves building financial valuation models day in and day out. A lot of their time goes in reviewing as well as evaluating investment banking transactions. An analyst in investment banking mostly has to work in investment banking teams and is expected to create presentations and provide smart guidance and suggestions to investment bankers together with other employees.

There is a great news for everyone out there who is planning to be a part of this rewarding industry as there is going to be a swift growth of 12% in the financial analyst sector through 2024. Consequently, there will an increase of 32,300 investment banking analyst jobs in the same course of time, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Duties & responsibilities of an Investment Banking Analyst

Though the work responsibility of an investment banking analyst generally depends on the company they are working with, there are a bunch of common core duties and responsibilities that all investment banking analysts are supposed to carry out.

1). Reviewing along with investigating financial data

One of the primary functions executed by an investment banking analyst is to aid investment bankers in taking more informed decisions by conducting research and providing them with useful data. For this purpose, investment banking analysts assess transactions as well as financial areas, for instance, credit trends and the performance of bonds and stocks.

2). Present the discovered facts

Building presentations and giving them is a key role that investment banking analysts fulfill. Such presentations can be informal, within their own investment banking group or else they can be formal ones where the investment banking analysts are required to educate and influence clients. Another thing they are needed to do is gather reports by using spreadsheet together with diverse financial software programs.

3). Implement administrative duties

In order to ensure a smooth functioning of the investment banking group, Investment banking analysts involve themselves in administrative work as well. They carry out tasks like booking conference rooms, coordinate with the print shop to obtain reports, organize meetings and so on.

Skills required to become a successful investment banking analyst

The major requirement for becoming an investment banking analyst is attaining a bachelor’s degree in finance or business. Doing a certification course in investment banking is also a good option to grasp the knowledge of this field.

Apart from having a decent educational background, there are certain skills that can help an investment banking analyst excel in their job. The core skills that employers look for in an investment banking analyst include:

  • Researching, evaluating together with interpreting financial data
  • Participating with colleagues
  • Being comfortable with Microsoft office programs
  • Having an in-depth understanding of financial markets as well as trends.

There are some advanced skills as well that not all employers pay equal attention to. However, they are preferred according to the latest job listings. Such skills comprise of a previous investment banking experience, competency with financial modeling software and lastly an investment banking licensing.


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