Rigid Nylon Tubing Applications and Their Benefits

Rigid plastic tubes and conduits in various colours

Rigid nylon tubing is a highly durable nylon extrusion which comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Because of their rigidity, they are heavily used for different industrial purposes. Nylon has been recognized as a resourceful engineering plastic since it has been developed. The materials’ light weight and corrosion & abrasion resistance has made it an attractive choice. Nylon has more durability as it can withstand wear and tear better than other plastic materials. It can also withstand repeated flexing over time without any fractures or fatigue and is well suited for pipes and retractable coil. It offers higher resistance even at sub-freezing conditions. This is the main reason why they have become so popular over time in tubing products. It has a high degree of inertness and can be used in food and beverages industry, or chemical and medicinal industries too. Also, they are commonly used in industrial, marine, and fluid markets. Rigid nylon tubing is used in many applications and offer numerous benefits.

Some of The Applications of Rigid Nylon Tubing Are:

  1. It is generally used in high pressure pneumatics and oils. This is one of its primary usages and it is mainly used in it because of its strength to withstand excessive pressure.
  2. It is used in many medicinal applications as well. These nylon tubes are used in the field of medicine, mainly in cardiovascular catheters, urological retrieval devices, neurovascular applications. These devices generally contain a nylon tubing coil or wires inside them. Another place where it is used as a coil is fiber optics. They are also used in intravascular drug delivery, and balloon angioplasty and stent delivery systems. These are the main uses of rigid nylon tubing in the field of medicine and production of machines and equipment used in this industry.
  3. Because of their higher resistance and flexibility, they are also used in marine applications especially in marine control systems. Another main reason why these tubes are used is because of rigid nylon tubing is high tensile strength and excellent coupling retention in high pressures.
  4. They can also be used in process lines for chemicals and in lubrication systems. Other miscellaneous usages of rigid nylon tubing are in appliances, automotive industry, compressed air, super computers equipments, dispensing equipment, pharmaceutical processing, semiconductor manufacturing, spacers, wire jacketing, etc. There are different features of this tubing because of which they are used in these places.

These are the most common applications of rigid nylon tubing. The large number of applications clearly suggests that these tubing will give them many benefits which other products would not be able to give them. Hence, the major advantages of rigid nylon tubing that one can avail are:

  1. Very High Heat Resistance

these tubing systems have very high heat resistance. No degradations start to take place at temperatures as high as 220 degrees Celsius at regular use. Even at 400 degrees Celsius for some brief time, no degradation takes place. Thus, being heat and light stabilized provides it an increased functionality over other tubing system.

  1. Seamless

Rigid Nylon Tube is seamless by nature. This means that they do not loosen their shape once they are exposed to excessive heat like other spiral tubing options. This is because of their seamless unitary forming. They do not also swell or become brittle when exposed to water.

  1. Proper Flexibility

These are highlighted by their property of being incomparable when it comes to the flexibility terms. Protects against any deterioration through shock forces or repeated bending. Their cross section has a multi layered structure which facilitates easy bending.

These are the benefits of rigid nylon tubing which we can avail in its different applications. These are surely the beginning with the process becoming more and more popular, the applications and benefits are likely to increase.


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