Why Installing Security Doors is An Idea Protection for Your Homes

Security_ Doors

Adding a security door to the entrance or vital entrances to many parts of the property, adds an extra layer of security and protection. Mental peace is a big issue with the property owners these days. They are always concerned to leave the property unattended during a vacation or a short trip somewhere. With the increase in crime rates you definitely need mental peace during the nights. A high-quality security door comes to the rescue. And the criteria for installing security door should not be the damage or replacement of the existing old door for some other reason. In fact, the criteria should be prompt action on understanding the need and importance of good security.

However, before you shop for a security door, you must know some practical facts about them to understand which door type would be better for you, and what to expect from the door. 

Types of Security Doors

There are primarily two types of security doors.

  • Steel door that looks like a wrought iron, and contains a back panel made from tempered glass. This one is commonly referred to as openwork steel door.
  • A steel door that has a wooden exterior and looks like a wooden door to the outsiders. It actually contains a sturdy steel interior with wooden side fixings and strong hinges. 

The Benefits of Getting A Security Door

There are several benefits of having security doors, and some of them are as follows: 

  • The hinges in security doors are extra tight, and often they are camouflaged. Due to this design, intruders would not often easily find the hinge location, and hence breaking the door won’t be easy.
  • There are extra hinge screws on these doors. When the hinge pins are broken, then also the screws keep the hinges on place, and thus the door stays steady.
  • You can always include the add-ons to the doors like latches, chains, deadbolts, security cameras, alarms etc.
  • An impressive thing about security door keys is that they cannot be duplicated by just any key maker. Only the manufacturer of the door and lock can duplicate the keys. This is another important fact that would keep you feeling secure.
  • Security doors can also be opened by fingerprint scanning. And if you want a key free entry every time, then your door would only open with your finger touch. 

Things You Must Know Before Installing or Planning A Security Door

 Understanding the benefits is not all, you need to set realistic expectations about the security doors too!

Security Doors

  • A security door is expensive than a normal door due to its strong built, use of high quality materials and finish. Hence, if you want to install one, get ready to pay a higher price. But then again, this price is worth it for the extra protection that you get.
  • The steel used in security doors may not last a lifetime. It has to be checked from time to time for rusting and signs of aging if you are live in a high humid zone. 

Concluding Notes

A security door is definitely not unbreakable, but is too tough to break in one go, and would set back any intruder undoubtedly with its tough construction and high-quality locks and hinges. That’s why if you believe that you need more security, and protection for a property that contains valuable goods, furniture etc, then you must buy a security door immediately. Combining remote cameras and security alarm systems together will make the place to secure for any burglary attempts. 


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